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Crazy4Ties is a business born from the passion for style, elegance, refinement of materials, design, innovation, and especially for the quality.

Everything is born from a far passion for fashion that slowly has become increasingly intense. This continuous growth has meant the personal passion to turn into a pleasure to share with others.

Within the site there are different products for color, style, imagination, and material, but all share a common denominator: “Quality.”

For personal culture, the guideline has always been to pursue honesty and good taste, which associated with high-level of technical expertise led to the creation of unique and exclusive products.

Our philosophy is based on the concept that the real luxury is not measured only by the cost of a product, but especially thanks to its quality and that is why we always try to offer our customers highly selected objects to the highest level of materials , design and labor necessary for their packaging.

This has led us to make the choice to deal exclusively objects made only in the European community, specifically in Italy, by Italian companies and labor, in order to ensure a high level of sophistication and production quality that make every piece we proposed something unique.

Our ties are handmade with quality materials of choice, such as Como silk, cashmere, jersey etc. .. carefully selected by us to offer our customers something that always goes far beyond the ordinary.

Crazy4Ties offers its own models, made with fabrics and colors personally selected for each collection. Among our proposals can be found in products constantly and continuous production but at the same time offer limited edition pieces, objects of pure beauty, in small quantities and therefore subject to “exhaustion”, a factor that leads to make the most of our produced something even more exclusive for our customers.

The customer who buys from us must have the pleasure of buying an object precious and valuable, coveted by many but available to a few.

The decision to give up the ‘physical’ stores to opt only to online marketing has allowed us to increase the affordability in order to be able to offer our customers a higher quality at lower prices.

Crazy4ties collections are only available online.