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blog about Ties

Seven Folds Tie

In the origin, the Ties, were packaged with a single, large piece of fabric approximately 70 cm x 70 – said yoke or square – folded several times diagonally, from the sides towards the center ( four folds from one side and three on the other), to obtain the required consistency: hence the name sevenfold Continue Reading

How to Choose a Good Tie

Buying guide : What to know when choosing a good tie Fully aware of the difficulties that are encountered when choosing a product, it’s a tie, a bow tie, an ascot, a scarf, etc. .., to help our clients, we have prepared this brief “guide” indicated with some key elements by consider while shopping . Continue Reading

Tie’s History

Since the dawn of humanity, man has felt the need to bind the cloth around the neck, so much so that even the ancient Egyptians, for example, a strip of cloth tied with the knot of Isis around the neck of the deceased as a sign of protection. The forerunner of the tie was a Continue Reading

The Tie

The tie is an accessory western attire symbolizes masculine elegance. It consists of a strip of fabric that is tied around the collar of his shirt, leaving the longer end down on the chest. Description Generally the length is around 150 cm, but are not uncommon ties called “XL” also 165 cm long. This length Continue Reading

Guide to Knots for Ties

Guide to Knots Ties Node Simple Node Small Double Knot Windsor knot Half Windsor knot Knot Bow Tie Node Simple The Node Simple is the classic of tie knots. The most widely used, since the easiest to make and one that easily fits with most of the ties and practically with all the hills shirt. Continue Reading

Our Videos

Welcome to Crazy4Ties, The kingdom of silk ties, handmade in Italy In this video, we offer a brief look at our collection of Ceremony ties. Our Fantastic Ties, Scarves and foulard offered in video for you. This site was born from the passion for the elegance and the tradition. Mainly for this reason, moved by love Continue Reading

River Island Holloway Road Collection

Article By Matthew Murphy on 20th February 2013 Spring/summer 2013 will see the showcasing of a new Holloway Road collection from River Island. Available to buy in stores and online from March, this year’s initiative will focus more on the engineering of the garments in order to bring new energy to this classic British heritage inspired style. Continue Reading


Billionaire Boys Club Spectrum T-shirt

Article By Harry Madgwick on 20th February 2013 Billionaire Boys Club was formed in 2005 as a result of a unique collaboration between Nigo – one of the biggest names in Japanese casual wear and the founder of A Bathing Ape brand – and award winning American rapper Pharrell Williams, well known for his interest in art Continue Reading