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Guide to Fabrics

HERE YOU WILL FIND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF TISSUE WILL HELP YOU IN SELECTING THE PRODUCT THAT WILL BE BETTER FOR YOU. Fabrics • Gauze • Knitting • Mogador • Pied de Poule • Satin • Saglia or Twill • Tartan • Tweed • Jacquard • Gauze: The gauzes are a class of materials interweaving Continue Reading

Ideal Ties for Winter

Ideal Ties for Winter Try to wear a tie made with a textured fabric, like wool or corduroy, and you’ll immediately wonder why you didn’t think of doing it sooner. We’ll excuse you if you have been locked in the smooth cell of silk tie jail for years. Most men have. Usually many men go Continue Reading

Tie’s History

Since the dawn of humanity, man has felt the need to bind the cloth around the neck, so much so that even the ancient Egyptians, for example, a strip of cloth tied with the knot of Isis around the neck of the deceased as a sign of protection. The forerunner of the tie was a Continue Reading

The Tie

The tie is an accessory western attire symbolizes masculine elegance. It consists of a strip of fabric that is tied around the collar of his shirt, leaving the longer end down on the chest. Description Generally the length is around 150 cm, but are not uncommon ties called “XL” also 165 cm long. This length Continue Reading