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Buying guide : What to know when choosing a good tie

Fully aware of the difficulties that are encountered when choosing a product, it’s a tie, a bow tie, an ascot, a scarf, etc. .., to help our clients, we have prepared this brief “guide” indicated with some key elements by consider while shopping . The aid is targeted to accompany you in the selection, sometimes difficult , as the product of a tie.

Since the latter is synonymous with elegance, should be a fortiori a nice product from the aesthetic point of view, but especially class quality.

Ties notoriously high level, have higher average prices and therefore not accessible to all, we must not confused the price with quality.

The lack of preparation in the field of clothing , especially of textiles and packaging , often leads the average customer to direct its purchases of products theoretically good of the large brands. Through the combination of famous brand = good quality guarantee , the brand has morphed slowly into a status symbol.

Today, in fact we often caters to large homes as wearing a product whose price is publicly known and moderately high , you have the opportunity to be noticed and considered as belonging to a certain social class.

However, a small number of people, for true connoisseurs, goes in search of particular products or even special, hand-made, custom-made, with high quality fabrics often difficult to find on the market .

In order to do this it is necessary a basic culture of the industry, knowledge of materials, expertise and passion. Having to care about our customers, will find below a brief summary with the basics.

Since the tie is one of the most difficult fabrics to choose from both qualitatively and economically, we start right from the latter to give useful indications for its choice.

Flying over the stylistic aspect, subject to the change of fashion, we focus on some useful tips to buy a tie with good value/price.

Here’s how to choose a good tie

Dimensions of the tie:

Width: The easiest aspect to consider since first glance is the width and obviously being an aesthetic detail, it can vary from person to person and from year to year. Despite the fashion changes, and recently this process is even faster, the correct width of the tie must be maintained in a range that varies from 8 cm to 9.5 cm, perfect around 9 cm. This is the current range regardless of the trend that has seen ties with thin width of less than 2 cm of the ’60s replaced by very wide ties of the early ’70s that reached widths of as much as 12 cm .

An important element to consider when choosing the width is your physical body if you have a sizable chest you should orientate towards 9.5 cm, on the other hand if you have a more slender body and dry it would be better to move towards the 8 cm.

However, within these limits, the tie fits well on almost all men, in fact the ties crazy4ties have an average width of 9 cm.

How do you measure the width of the tie? The width shall be measured at the widest part of the tie, before the tip starts, if there is, the ties straight cut at the bottom may have a smaller width.

Length: When you buy a tie must also consider the length ranging from 145 cm , suitable for men with a medium-low stature , the 150 to 152 cm for men medium-high until you get to ties with extra-long length about 160 – 162cm for men particularly high.

The correct length and in any case  to be evaluated considering the way in which the tie is falling on your body, once knotted should reach just below the waist of the pants and touch the belt buckle (millimeter more less than a millimeter), the thinnest part should be aligned with the widest part of a few millimeters or less.

Another important aspect to locate the ideal length for your tie is Node. The way you tie the knot determines the length that it should have, and when you decide to opt for a tie of measure is important to have in mind the type of node that you intend to do. In the case of simple knot the tie must be shorter than a double knot or a Windsor knot that by providing more laps, will require a greater use of fabric.

Men medium-low stature can use these last two knots for ties found in the trade that may be too long.

Our ties have an average length of 150-152 cm suitable for various heights, but, just to serve the customer the best Crazy4ties offers the service with customizations like Custom size (width and length), internal batt, fabric, initial and even personal dedications if you wanted to make them the subject of gift.

Quality and finishing Tie

The length and width are simple elements to be evaluated in minutes. The real difficulty in recognizing a quality tie, is in your ability to judge the fabric and workmanship.

The ties of ‘more’ high quality are those made ​​entirely of silk.

Take care of ties made ​​from synthetic materials! At first glance can be deceiving giving much shine, too often, and while nothing comparable to natural light, the tactile sensation and resistance of true silk.

The materials worthy of consideration are in addition to silk and cashmere, wool and, in the summer ties, linen, linen/silk and silk/wool.

A good way to test the quality  of the fabric is still the touch; Trust the first impression when you touch a tie to buy, if you have a good feeling you might be already on the right track . Obviously, the touch is and remains a great item, but it can’t give you a guarantee . Price is also an essential element, if it is too low, you may find yourself in front of ties passed off as products 100 % silk that in reality are not.

For those reading this guide had any doubt about a product that has the closet or purchased recently and wanted to carry out a verification test of the material can freely contact our customer service who will explain clearly how to do.

Interior Type:

Inside the ties is inserted “inside” or “soul” it takes to give it more texture. The type of coating has a primary importance since helps to determine the difference between a good tie and a quality  tie. The inner lining of a quality tie will be in 100% wool, more or less often depending on the tastes of the customer. If you want a node more “full-bodied and massive”, we recommend an interior more often, for a node “smallest ” is used instead of a soul more subtle. Thin and lightweight wool has a very high production costs, so the use of a soul 100% wool has become very expensive and than more rare. The type of internal however, is of fundamental importance both for the structure of the tie both as regards the success of the node.

The seven-fold tie is instead  padded with his own silk, in one big piece of fabric about 70 cm folded on itself seven times. Requiring the use of a great deal of silk and extreme accuracy for its construction this type of tie is particularly expensive.

The Point Eyelet or Scallop : It’s a small embroidery that closes the tie on the back near the end and holding the two parts together.

Slip Stitch: If you lift the edges of the “tail ” on the back and you see a wire that hangs longitudinally inside , it is not a fault : this is the Slip Stitch. An extra seam running down the center of the tie allowing the fabric to have greater elasticity sliding back and forth especially when you make the knot.

Sewing Central: It’s “more and more” hard to find ties sewn entirely by hand if not at very high prices. In this case, make sure that the center seam on the inside that joins the flaps, it is. If the points of this seam are very tight want to “say that” was machine made, conversely, if the points are more “will slow” index finishing second to the rules of traditional tailoring.

Triple assemblage: currently a tie and consists of three parts of fabric sewn together, sliding his fingers along the tie keeping them pressed against the fabric, you should hear two distinct seams. The three parts, namely the shovel visible from the front, the central part of the gusset, and the pigtail the most narrow that remains behind, are joined together with accurate stitching.

Ties more “cheap” often use two pieces of fabric instead of the three. The third piece of fabric, in addition to the blade and the pigtail and what should fit comfortably around your neck and that helps the ends of the tie to fall more easily .

Crazy4ties and also capable of ties with a single piece of fabric, for a high quality product, and this type of tie is made only with valuable fabrics which enhance the constructive typology very onerous. The realization of a tie of this kind involves the use of a quantity of tissue equal to 4 times that used for the realization of a tie formed by three parts. For this type of product use of the highest quality cashmere like Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana cashmere. It goes without saying that the cost of quality fabrics, the construction type and the very high level of labor employed determine a final price is very high. For these creations as the term tie is understood in general is very simplistic but absolutely all height of the niche clients to which we turn.

But this is what the term “tie” means to Crzy4ties.

Self Tipping:

Obviously there are other details which determine the care in the realization of a tie , for example the lining of the two ends, for which in some cases is used the same fabric (said self tipping), considered a detail of value, in other instead is differentiated.

We Crazy4Ties in most cases prefer not to adopt the self tipping, so as to differentiate the internal lining of the tie from the fabric using tissues equally valuable as those employed for the realization of the same tie. We often use the color satin gray/silver that gives a lot of class to our tie enhancing the care and finish, the same satin is used for the loop in order to create a certain aesthetic harmony. The self tipping is not necessarily synonymous with quality since, in our case, the silk satin used is far more valuable and expensive than some thirst for good.


The hem of a good sartorial tie must be a hand-rolled soft and not remaining flat .

A good tie should be accompanied by a package of the same level that the present to the customer in an appropriate manner , transforming it into a true work of art.

We believe , with this short guide , I have provided the essentials to buy a tie of excellent quality ‘ .

By choosing one of the ties proposed by Crazy4ties will have the opportunity to touch and test as described in words.