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Ideal Ties for Winter

Try to wear a tie made with a textured fabric, like wool or corduroy, and you’ll immediately wonder why you didn’t think of doing it sooner. We’ll excuse you if you have been locked in the smooth cell of silk tie jail for years. Most men have. Usually many men go to the store, or their favorite online retailer, look at a sea of silk ties and choose based purely on the color, pattern and width of the ties without giving much thought to any other texture or fabric besides good old, reliable, smooth silk. Or maybe you have even a particular tie, a knit one. It’s solid, it’s dark (black or navy) and it’s your go-to tie for dressing up a casual look (think jeans and a white button front shirt). But if that is your only foray into ties with some texture, we’re out to show you what you’ve been missing.
With growing frequency, fashion for ties were used up different tissues beyond the silk, like the ones we’ve highlighted below, are devoting whole lines to ties that feel as cool and unique as they look. These ties are especially great additions to your collection now because their rougher feel stands up well to fall’s heavier fabrics and rugged accessories.
How to Wear Them:
So how do you incorporate some of these ties into your look this fall? Pairing them couldn’t be easier…

Grey Wool Tie:

Gray Wool Tie

  • Take the Chill Out:

Nothing warms the gray and dark winter months as a tie in wool. The trick is to keep the tie slightly lighter than the dress and thanks to its opacity, it will put even more emphasis on the brightness of the fabric of the dress.

Gray Wool Tie with Dark Suit











Brown and Beige Wool Tie:

Brown and Beige Wool Tie Knot

A classic Matching:

Blue and brown are a classic combination. The trick is to be exploited in countering the light and dark shades. In the matching blue suit and brown tie, the tie will be to give greater brightness contrast in dark dress.

Hazel Wool Tie with Blue Suit











Doubling on brown:

This brown dress falls on all written. Match this brown suit with a silk tie brown could be embarrassing, but this tie thick wool creates a contrast in textures that really work.

Brown wool Tie with Brown Suit











Biscuit Woll Tie:

Biscuit Cachemire Tie Knot

Try it …

A suit in a medium shade of brown can risk appearing a bit too much “country squire” and easily overwhelm a classic silk tie. The urban look with a tie that is thick enough to withstand your complete but it is solid and tight as the one we present here. Ties in wool created spontaneously nodes and a thicker collar too pronounced can not leave the correct space.

Biscuit Wool Tie with light Brown Suit












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