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Welcome to Crazy4Ties, The kingdom of silk ties, handmade in Italy

In this video, we offer a brief look at our collection of Ceremony ties.

Our Fantastic Ties, Scarves and foulard offered in video for you.

This site was born from the passion for the elegance and the tradition. Mainly for this reason, moved by love for the Italian fashion, we wanted to propose online to our customers, ties that, more than others, symbolize the great silk sartorial tradition of north Italy.

Ties marketed by Crazy4Ties are known to take shape thanks to the skilled hands of the tailors that treat each ties as a unique “silk sculpturesfollowing the tradition of the real “hand made in Italy”. This is why people are proud of wearing or products:  for the quality of fabrics, the tradition of tailoring the possibility to chose their bespoke ties with embroidered initials.

You will appreciate our various products by browsing the site organized by category, color and  fantasy.

Among our website You can choose your favorite ties from our different collections, from the beautiful Ceremony Ties, to the more informal and colorful regimental, checkered, pointed etc

We attached some video of our ties in order to offer you a preview of our collections and help you to choose your favorite ties.

- In this video, we offer a brief look at our collection of Ceremony ties :

- Inevitable and symbol of classic style and elegance ties find their highest conjugation, thanks to the great Italian tailoring craftsmanship typical of Como, in our Classic Collection .

Here you can see some of our “ Classic Ties ”

- Very refined and elegant, our ties will never stop to amaze and fascinate through their sought after games of contrast and combination of colors and styles.

An example is given by the magnificent in Polka Dot Ties :

- Choose between a thousand and variegated colors, all broken down in detail, so that you can select the combination most appropriate for your needs clothes.

Here’s our collection of Monochrome Ties by spelndidi colors:

- The Fantasies of our ties: classic lines to modern ones, from timeless regimental ties to stellate gingham and polka dots.

Here’s our collection of ties theme Paisley and Pied de Poule :

- Crazy4ties also wants to offer ties dedicated to the passions of their visitors: ties to nautical theme , an aperitif in sailing, for example, or, woven neckties with the issues, the colors and the tools of the noble game of golf , without forgetting frogs , the dogs , collections of vintage cars … every tie, the cue to stress and wear your passion. Passion that can be voiced by the very style of the tie, as the style Tartan , very popular by the English Club-goers.

you a brief glimpse of our fantastic collection of Tartan Ties :

- Crazy4Ties is not only synonymous with silk ties . Always maintained its sartorial tradition and passion for craftsmanship , on this portal you will find ties of cotton , jersey , linen twill , saglia . Each fabric gives the tie a different personality, its own way of dressing, a profile. Also in this aspect Crazy4Ties will not leave you disappointed.

- Finally, the shapes. We have selected the lines best suited to the construction of your style. Crazy4ties is not just a portal for those who love the classic style, but also for those who want to add a tone of originality to your outfit: double face , slim ties or cut ties .

sportiness and elegance come together in a fantastic collection of Ties Squares :

- Crazy4Ties is not only synonymous with silk ties and other fine fabrics, but also beautiful Scarf and Scarves , accessories always be able to add character and elegance to your image, and also always completely handmade in Italy.

Enjoy our beautiful scarf taken for you in this video:

- Last but not least, the care of package , because we realize that the presentation of a product must be of the same height, especially if it is a gift or a thought for a loved one. So we decided to offer packages also customizable through initial descriptive sheet and more, to meet every need of our customers.

Here is a video showing one of our customized packages with initials:

We wish you a good navigation, therefore, invite you to discover every category, every definition of our beloved ties, colorful menu by selecting the items that most will win you over.

Our stunning collection of summer Ties in all its glory.

intense colors and vibrant thanks to the splendid silks fabric Mogador .

All of our products represent the best of Made in Italy .

Style and elegance taken to the highest level with the creation is handmade using traditional Italian tailoring of all products.

Here’s the Summer Collection 2013:

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