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7 Pieghe

In the origin, the Ties, were packaged with a single, large piece of fabric approximately 70 cm x 70said yoke or squarefolded several times diagonally, from the sides towards the center ( four folds from one side and three on the other), to obtain the required consistency: hence the name sevenfold , seven folds tie.

This method guaranteed to ties excellent features: particular body, but at the same time ductility and fluffiness , with a  great capacity to maintain the original shape even after being used .

Required, however, the use a high amount of fabric that acted accordingly a high cost, also due to the particular manufacturing accuracy required.

It was thought then, in order to reduce costs, to make ties with less fabric, using three pieces of fabric joined diagonally ( bias ) to obtain a long strip, then folded inside once.

Hence the need to insert a  “soul” inside woolen cloth that acted as armor. Without internal fact this type of tie, with folded fabric just on himself, wouldn’t have body and texture and would immediately lose its original shape .

Note that the seams on the bias are essential to bring down the straight tie, and without curls.

A particular indicative of good workmanship of a tie is a small bar stitching also called ” scallop ” that joins the rear flaps , the other is a loop sewn by hand which is always located on the back and which serves as a slot in which to insert the flap smaller.

Today, in most cases, the ties are packed by machine. However there is still some connoisseur, lover of good taste has been creating hand- tailored according to the ancient tradition of tailoring.

Considered more an art than a craft, unique pieces that result are a real “works of art” hand sewn to suit the client.



If after reading the above quote in you is born the desire or the desire to have a “True seven-fold tie “, be assured, you are right; Crazy4ties realized precisely as it once was, “we are one of those houses that still know how to build it “.

Select quietly tie you like the most among those proposed and we will realize it specially for you, If you have not yet had the opportunity to browse our website, we anticipate that we produce custom ties, where the customer can choose: Fabric, Length , width, initials embroidered.